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Fiona Brichaut Mc Namara

Looking for a native English business writer?

You’ve come to the right place! I’m an experienced, freelance English copywriter and communications specialist.


Tel.: +32 496 025 400

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Business writing and editing

Accurate, concise and easy-to-read texts for the web, mobile or print, for technical, specialist or general target audiences. Read more: Business writing and editing

Content strategy

Communications strategy

Identifying key messages and channels, focusing on your strategic business goals and audience needs. Read more: Communications strategy

UX/usability and SEO copywriting

Content for the web/mobile/intranet, written for optimal usability and search engine ranking, so it’s easy to find, navigate, read and understand. Read more: Usability and SEO copywriting

Content mapping

Content mapping

Carefully-structured and well-organized information (information architecture), for all media and channels. Read more: Content mapping

Content optimisation

Content optimization

Content that is trustworthy, authoritative, relevant, useful and with calls to action. Read more: Content optimization

Events | DTP | CVs

Creation of documents for meetings and events. Rewriting CVs. Desktop publishing. Read more: Documents – DTP – CVs


I’m a native English-speaking freelance business writer, author, copywriter, editor and digital communications expert. About me



Specialized in digital and transmedia business communication. Services | Why work with me?


Based near Brusssels, Belgium. Clients in Belgium, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, UK and USA. Tel.: +32 496 025 400. Contact

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Call me in Belgium on +32 496 025 400. Or send your contact details and I’ll get back to you quickly. Your information will be treated confidentially.

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