About me 

Hi, I’m Fiona. I’ve been a senior-level communications specialist and business writer/editor for over 25 years.

  • My mission is to create effective business communication, not just a well-written text. Effective communication has impact. It engages people, informs and educates. It builds and cements relationships. And it helps businesses achieve their goals.
  • Specializations: business communication: internal, trade and industry communication; technical, corporate and educational information; business-to-business commercial communication.
  • Experience: I have extensive experience working for international organizations, including global retail brands and trade associations.
  • Publications: My book, Writing for Mobile, How to write gripping content for easy mobile reading, is available from Amazon.
  • Media: I work in all channels and media, but I’ve been specialized in digital/online communication and writing for the web since 1995.
  • Availability: I own BelEdit Consulting and work on a freelance basis, either alone or with my network of freelance copywriters and graphic designers.
  • Location: I’m based in Waterloo, near Brussels (Belgium) but I work internationally.
  • Languages: Native English (born in Ireland). Fluent in French. Good understanding of Dutch.

Check out my profile on LinkedIn or my author page on Amazon.

photo Fiona

Fiona Brichaut Mc Namara


Business & Decision
European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) H&O Equipments
Publifer Shinzui Bodywork International Institute
Inter IKEA Systems B.V., NL Inter IKEA Services AB
bran.ding, DE Faqbot SPRL
Absolute Agency, BE: ING Group; BESIX Group; Compositi; TG2 Nickel Institute
Hoffman & Associates Sefica
Eluminas Ltd. RAS Security
Artepub SPRL


Customer testimonials 

Bonjour Fiona, Merci pour votre travail, rapide et efficace! Il a été fort apprécié par le client et par nous également.

Data & digital consultancy — Rewriting website content + usability advice

Dear Fiona, Great. Again you did a great job! Thanks.

Small business — Communications strategy

Hi Fiona, Thanks a lot, both for the great work you just have delivered as well as the proposal. I like your proposal, and I see it as an improvement in our attempts to deliver a great learning experience.

Multinational — Corporate learning content

Bonjour Fiona, J’ai une nouvelle demande de la part de […]. Ils étaient tres contents de notre travail!

Agence de communication — Writing annual report content

Hi Fiona, Really great work you are doing with the design guideline for online courses!

Multinational — Conception and creation of a guideline on how to design online courses

Hi Fiona, Overall I think you have done a great job! It’s good to see it in a mock-up although it is rough, helps a lot!

Multinational — Corporate communications writing/editing + rough mock-up of website

Dear Fiona, Great job! Thanks to you we are really getting a wonderful website.

Small business — Online strategy and content creation

Hi Fiona, Thanks very much for all your great tips and input. Very helpful, and very much appreciated.

Book author — Editing advice

Hey team, Cc Fiona, Fiona has done a great job with a restructure and re-write of the […] information. This resulted in the new […] hub which goes live-in-beta coming Friday.

Multinational — Content mapping and writing



“Fiona is a talented writer, editor and copywriter with an ability to adjust her writing style based on format, channel and target audience. She has the excellent ability to break down complex content structures into user-centric, easily consumed information. In addition, she has strong skills in information architecture and establishing logical hierarchical levels of information.

“Fiona has been involved in managing external writers and has designed writing/editing guidelines and training programs to support others within her field.

“She is a conscientious professional with a commitment to delivering an excellent result.”

Christa Carbyn, Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

“I have always been impressed by Fiona’s energy and desire to achieve – and often over-deliver – any task or project she was assigned. She would continually bring new insights and solutions to problems the team didn’t know it had, resulting in a far better final product.

“Fiona was also responsible for leading teams of external writers who she trained and coached to handle complex content for a global audience. Her knowledge of online communication and how to improve its impact is extensive on both a higher strategic level and in the detail. She has the ability to move smoothly from one to the other. I would recommend her skills to anyone who is serious about improving what, why and how they communicate.”

Peter Simpson, Inter IKEA Systems B.V.