Branding with words

WeTransfer news

I feel compelled to post a wonderful piece of text I received today.

Proof that words alone can express a brand identity perfectly, and build the brand perception in the few moments it takes to read them. It came to me in a newsletter from WeTransfer. There I was, thinking that WeTransfer was no more than the handy free file sharing tool that makes my day-to-day work much easier. Then this arrives, the most engaging text I’ve read in a newsletter in a long time:

“We told you WeTransfer’s more than a file transfer service. You wanted to know more. We promised unexpected stories to spark creative ideas. You said yes please. Well, here they are.

Let’s start with our favorite pieces from the WePresent archive, as chosen by our smiley, happy team.”

It conveys a strong message: “We listen to our customers, we identify their needs and wishes, and we follow through. Cheerfully.” Lots of companies say something like that. These words say it so much better. Nice, isn’t it?

I reserve judgement on the stories themselves (no time to read them now) but my perception of the brand just jumped up several notches.

That’s what a few well-chosen words can do.

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