Content optimisation

Content optimisation builds trust and engagement

Effective communication

My goal is to create effective communication, not just a well-written text. To do this, I focus on transforming information into optimised content.

Optimised content:

For all channels and media

Content optimisation is a term generally used in relation to digital content, referring to techniques such as search engine optimisation, using keywords and metadata to drive traffic to your content.

But that is only a small – technical – part of it. The best way to optimise content, regardless of whether it’s in ‘new media’ or ‘old media’, is to create quality content that builds trust.

Trust develops when information is:

How I optimise your content/communication

Optimising content requires a combination of techniques. Whether the content is online, in print, audio or video. Here are the 9 key techniques I use when optimising content:

Creating content in this way means that your communication will have impact. So you don’t waste your money and your audiences don’t waste their time.

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