Editing and proofreading

Present yourself at your very best!

Text revision, improvement and correction

I offer complete editing and proofreading services, either as part of content production/ business writing or as a separate service.

Stuctural editing — improving the structure and flow of a text to make it more logical, readable and understandable.

Line and copy editing — checking for grammatical and spelling errors; improving grammar, syntax, word choice and overall writing quality; changing the tone of voice to better match the company brand or the purpose of the text; fact checking.

Proofreading — the final step after text has been properly edited and put into layout. It involves finding and correcting any typographical or formatting errors that were overlooked until now or that slipped in during the layout process.

For even more radical text improvement, see Content optimisation.

Why editing matters

Editing and proofreading are the writing equivalents to sprucing up your appearance before going into an important meeting. Sprucing up your text means you show your company (or yourself) at your very best. It demonstrates your respect for your audience and helps you build a relationship, earn trust and seal the deal.

Tip — Save time and money!

When creating long texts (an entire website, report or book), you can save considerable time and money by involving an editor right from the very start, before a word has been written.

Think of it as bringing in an architect before building a house, compared to bringing one in to fix it when things go wrong! Editors bring a wealth of experience in creating high quality written content and can help you to efficiently plan, select and categorise your content.

A good structure is the foundation of a good text. An editor can help you create a structure before you start writing. They can help you clarify your goals, map your content and define the messages you want to convey. This will greatly improve your efficiency when it comes to writing the text.

How it works

As a matter of course, I edit and proofread the texts I write before delivering them to a client.

If your text is already written, I can edit and improve it. I can also provide formatting suggestions so that your text is presented in the most readable way when it goes into layout.

I can usually edit/proofread short texts at very short notice.

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