Sharing your trade secrets can win you more business

ONE OF MY CLIENTS RECENTLY ASKED ME why I share my specialist know-how on my website. Here’s why… Many people worry that if they share their know-how for free, they’ll let others into their trade secrets and thereby be deprived of potential income. I don’t agree. Sharing what you know as free content is what the internet is […]

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Writing tips: 5 steps for writing any non-fiction text

IT’S TIME TO WRITE! You’ve identified a communication need, done your research, gathered your content and it’s time to put the information into words. Now you’re faced with a blank page (or screen) and you don’t know where to start. Don’t panic! Just follow these writing tips. Update 2018: My book, Writing for Mobile, takes you […]

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Common English mistakes

English has many commonly-misused words and phrases. Here’s a list of some of the most common English mistakes. accept – except “Accept” is a verb meaning to take or receive. “Except” is usually a preposition meaning excluding.   I will accept all the packages except that one. adapt – adopt “Adapt” means to change. “Adopt” […]

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