How to deliver a money-saving creative brief

How to keep the cost down

Whatever the project, I aim to get it right first time, avoiding costly rounds of reviews and corrections. Most of my work is approved right from the first draft!

The secret? Starting with a good brief!

The better the brief, the better the end result. A little preparation goes a long way to save your time, my time and your money

The more you can tell me about your project, the quicker the work will be done and the more the final communication will help your business!

Download the BELEDIT BRIEFING QUESTIONNAIRE below to help you prepare internally for briefing me or a creative team.

If you don’t have all the answers, we can figure it out together.

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Creative briefing questionnaire

The questionnaire covers questions like those below:

About the project and the communication

About you

  • Who are you and what do you do? Where do you operate? Who are your clients?
  • What are your main business goals and challenges?
  • Which business goals or challenges are addressed by this project?

The business context

  • Why is this communication or information needed? What is the business need behind it? What’s new or what’s wrong?
  • Who are the target audiences for this project?
  • What are the top 1-5 key messages (ideas) you want people to take away from this communication? 
  • Which one is the most important (the core message)?
  • What do you want people to do after they get this information?
  • What happens if this information doesn’t reach or isn’t acted on by its target audiences?


  • Will you use the information in English or translate it?
  • Is this a standalone piece of communication or connected to other communications?
  • What media/channels will you use to publish this information?

What other information is available?

  • Is there a documented project description?
  • What documentation or information already exists on this topic?
  • Do you have a company style guide? Documentation about the company’s mission, brand or values?


Source materials

  • Is all the source content (i.e. all the information needed to write the communication) available and ready to hand over?
  • If not, when will it be handed over?
  • Of the source materials provided, what information is in scope/out of scope, relevant/irrelevant?
  • Are visuals available?


  • Is this a one-time or an on-going project?
  • When is this communication needed? Is it connected to specific events or deadlines?
  • When will deliverables be reviewed and feedback provided?
  • When is the final text required?

Way of working

  • How will we meet?
  • How will we exchange documents?
  • How will you review drafts and provide feedback?

Who does what

  • Who will be my primary contacts in this project?
  • Who’s my speaking partner if I have questions about content?
  • Who will handle questions about visuals, links and other assets?
  • Who’s my contact if I have administrative questions?
  • Who will I deliver drafts to? Who will review drafts?
  • Who will approve/sign off the final deliverables?
  • Who is my contact regarding publishing or uploading the content?
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