Content optimization

High-quality content builds trust and engagement

My goal is to create effective communication, not just a well-written text. To do this, I focus on transforming information into optimized content.

Optimized content:

  • is trustworthy, authoritative, relevant and useful
  • has impact: it engages people, informs and educates
  • has calls to action
  • builds and cements relationships
  • helps businesses achieve their goals.

Content optimization is for all channels and media

Content optimization is a term generally used in relation to digital content, referring to techniques such as search engine optimization, using keywords and metadata to drive traffic to your content.

But that is only a small – technical – part of it. The best way to optimize content, regardless of whether it is in “new media” or “old media”, is to create quality content that builds trust.

Trust develops when information is:

  • aligned with what the audience wants or needs
  • honest and transparent
  • useful and actionable.

How I optimize your communication

I use many techniques to optimize content. Whether it’s specifically part of the project brief or not. And whether the content is online, in print, audio or video. Including:

  • identifying the strategic goals of the business
  • understanding your target audiences
  • aligning the information with the audiences’ needs
  • choosing the right channels and media
  • using the right terminology and tone of voice for your audience and for your brand
  • using language that is authoritative but easily understandable, not corporate-speak
  • ensuring that information is well written, accurate, consistent, focused, clear and readable
  • advising you on appropriate design
  • including calls to action to help your audience use the information.

Creating content in this way means that your communication will have impact. So you don’t waste your money and your audiences don’t waste their time.

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