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Ad hoc communication projects

When you need documents in a hurry, call me! I can help you with all your ad hoc document requirements. Even the layout (DTP), so it’s ready to print or share digitally, straightaway.

No-fuss DTP — Desktop Publishing

Need help with layout or preparing documents for printing or sharing? Leave it to me!

There are times when you don’t need a graphic designer — maybe your document is a CV, a business report or presentation, or a press release. Or you’re a small business on a very tight budget. But you want it to look perfectly formatted, professional and persuasive.

I do DTP (that’s desktop publishing, i.e. layout) using InDesign, saved in PDF ready to print or share digitally.

I can work with your templates, style sheets and designs or create new ones. If you prefer to go up a level, I have a network of freelance graphic designers who I can recommend for the job.

Get a job! CV writing and advice

Looking to take the next step in your career? I’ll help you write the best possible CV to capture recruiters’ attention and showcase your skills. I have an excellent track record of writing CVs (and application letters) that achieve their goal: get an interview and get the job!

Writing a good CV is not difficult and there’s plenty of advice online to help you get it right. What’s difficult is writing a CV that instantly gives the reader a sense of who you are and what’s special about you. But it’s hard to write that about yourself! I try to capture your uniqueness, highlighting the key points that will make an excellent first impression. I’ll edit your experience and qualifications to ensure the information is clear and persuasive. And I’ll do the layout to ensure it looks perfect.

Many people writing a CV are on a tight budget, so this is a low-cost service. From as little as € 50 for proofreading up to € 200 per page for rewriting.

Get in touch!

Persuasive CVs — EXAMPLES

“I am a retail professional best known for my relentless advocacy for the customer.”

“I have a positive, just-do-it attitude, which helps me to integrate easily with people at all hierarchical levels.”

“I am passionate about communicating data and analyses effectively to inform and drive evidence-based decision-making.”

“I am rigorous in applying project management methodologies to deliver projects efficiently, on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.”

“I am known for my interpersonal skills, being able to comfortably lead, work with and negotiate with people at all levels of hierarchy and seniority.”

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