WordPress website creation, content and management

A WordPress website is great for your brand, easy to build and cost-effective

A WordPress website is an ideal choice for small businesses or organisations. No, we don’t recommend that you build one yourself. It’s your window to the world, your clients, your staff and your stakeholders, so it needs to be 100% professional in appearance and performance. But it doesn’t need to cost a lot. With a low investment, you can get a highly-professional website.

Why WordPress?

There are other excellent platforms for building small websites (SquareSpace, WIX, etc.). We like WordPress because, on balance, it offers the very best mix of:

  • customizability – to ensure that every website is unique
  • flexibility – to add all the different features you might need
  • and ease of use – easy to build, update and maintain: even for nonspecialists.

You remain 100% in control

  • Every WordPress website is unique. There are thousands of templates that can be customized to match the look and feel of your brand.
  • A WordPress website is quick and easy to set up (when created by specialists who do this every day).
  • A WordPress website is cheap: WordPress itself is free. Basic hosting solutions can cost as little as € 60/year.
  • Easy to update. Once you have standard templates set up, it’s simple to add new pages or posts.
  • Easy to maintain. All you need to technically maintain a WordPress site is authorization to log in to the account. You’re not dependent on or tied to one agency or supplier using their own custom-built platform. You can manage your website yourself, appoint one of your staff as a part-time webmaster, or outsource it to our partner Créawebsite or another freelancer.
  • You remain 100% in control of this valuable business asset.

Fast, efficient, lean

I create and manage WordPress* websites for small businesses and organizations. Depending on your needs, I’ll work with your team or with my freelance partners. I’m specialized in website strategy, planning, information architecture and content. I work alone (for basic websites) or with a partner company Créawebsite, expert in the A-Z of building, setting up and maintaining all types of WordPress websites.

* (In English or multilanguage)

Our goal is to keep the whole process lean, quick and cost-effective. No unnecessary project management overheads, no fuss, just fast delivery of excellent websites that will improve your business.

We can start from scratch or transfer content from an existing website.

What we can do

Creating/revamping a website may include any or all of the following:

    • website strategy
    • information architecture (IA) and content mapping
    • finding a graphic look and feel for the brand/website
    • designing the website homepage and page templates
    • building the website pages and templates
    • installing relevant plugins
    • setting up technical aspects such as domain names, hosting, user accounts, Google Analytics, backups, security certification, etc.
    • creating a member space (intranet), forum, ecommerce platform and database, etc.
    • setting up a newsletter interface
    • content strategy
    • creating content (written content + visuals)
    • technical maintenance
    • content clean-up and maintenance
    • regular updating with fresh content.

DIY maintenance or leave it to us

Small businesses and organizations don’t want or need to pay a lot for building and maintaining a website. The more you outsource, the more you pay out. The more you do it yourself, the less you pay out.

Together with my freelance network, we work on the principle that anyone can manage a simple website, if it’s set up right. So we aim to build it well, then hand everything over to you to maintain, in the easiest way possible. Or we can share the task. It’s up to you.

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