Why work with me?

What do you need? 

Do you want to communicate more effectively within your organisation and externally?

  • Do you need support to plan and deliver communication – for your website, for print or perhaps for several different channels?
  • Do you want communication that uses the right terminology and tone of voice for your audience?
  • … that’s authoritative but easily understandable, not corporate-speak?
  • … that people will trust and act on?
  • … that is well written, in English, possibly for people who do not have English as their first language?

How I can help you 

I can help you create effective business communication:

  • by focusing on impact, not just writing
  • by providing services covering each stage of creating written communication, from strategy, content mapping and planning to writing, editing and proofreading.

I’m specialised in digital business communication, internal communication, trade and industry communication, and technical, corporate and educational information.

What happens when you hire a writer/editor?

How I work


Communication adapted for different channels, media and content types.

  • Website, blog and intranet content
  • General business communication: news releases, newsletters, corporate PR and internal communication, meeting minutes, annual reports, etc.
  • Informative documentation: white papers, policy papers and position papers, rules and regulations, privacy policy statements, conference proceedings, etc.
  • Technical publications: brochures, reports, manuals and books
  • Audio: film scripts, speeches and presentations
  • Articles for trade journals and trade websites
  • Social media communication
  • Training materials, job advertisements, role descriptions


Working with me, you’ll have one, dedicated speaking partner who can support you through an entire project; from first ideas to production and publication.

Or I can contribute to just part of your project if you already have a team on the job.

I have a network of experienced and trusted freelance graphic designers and copywriters. If working with my freelance partners, I supervise, quality control and take responsibility for their work.

For more information about how BelEdit Consulting can support your communications projects, call me on +32 496 025 400 or complete the form on the contact page.