What happens when you hire a writer/editor?

BelEdit Consulting provides a writing/editing service for businesses.

Our clients either provide text written by themselves or a professional copywriter, or they brief us verbally and provide background documentation.

We consider it our responsibility to do everything that’s needed to make your text AS GOOD AS IT CAN POSSIBLY BE.

Whether we start with a professionally-written text or not, our process is similar.

You want your text to work for you. To deliver value in terms of brand impression and customer engagement.

Our goal is to create effective communication, that impresses your readers and drives action.

Creating a good impression means:

  • readers enjoy reading the text
  • they are impressed or positively influenced by what they read
  • your information and key messages come across loud and clear
  • you come across as being reliable and trustworthy.

Driving action means:

  • readers retain, store or share your messages and/or act on the information provided
  • readers continue to engage with you.

Our editing process to deliver texts that impress

1. We get to know you and your business
We want to understand your brand, your products and services, your customers and their needs, and the environment in which you do business.
2. We understand what you want to communicate
Whether we start with a text or a verbal brief, we make sure we fully understand the information. We’ll also identify gaps, inconsistencies, mistakes or irrelevant content.
3. We identify key messages and calls to action
We learn the purpose of your communication, who you want to reach, what impact you want it to have. We identify the main messages and put them in a hierarchy.
4. We think about language and tone of voice
What impressions do you want to create? What language and tone of voice are appropriate for your brand? What are the keywords? Is SEO copywriting needed?
5. We think about how to tell the story
This is about deciding on a narrative structure. Organizing ideas, prioritizing what will stand out and what is less important.
6. We write the new text
Depending on the original, it may be very close to the text you provided or a complete rewrite. Either way, you can be sure that we have focused carefully on structure, key messages, brand impression and calls to action.
Every text we deliver has correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
7. Review, revise, finalize. And publish.
Now it’s time for you to review the text, make corrections or suggest improvements. After corrections and final proofreading, it’s ready to go.
A track record of happy customers
We’re proud to say that texts written and edited by BelEdit Consulting are nearly always approved for publication either right from the first draft, or after just one review and a few minor corrections. Thanks to our attention to detail right from the start, our editing process is highly efficient and cost effective, avoiding time-consuming reviews, corrections and updates.