Why hire me?


Hi, I’m Fiona. I’ve been a senior-level communications specialist and business writer/editor for more than 30 years.

I’m experienced and competent, so you can trust me to deliver high-quality work — reliably, independently, on time and on budget.

How I can help you

I work IN communications, but FOR people. People who are busy and often stressed. I focus on how I can make your job easier, by taking on things you don’t have resources to do yourself. Writing. Editing. Strategy. Training. And by doing my job so well that it takes minimal effort from you.

Together we can create effective business communication to help you achieve your business goals. 

I’m an Irish-born, English mother tongue, English Lit. graduate and author. Count on me for perfectly-written and -edited texts.

Call me on +32 496 025 400 or complete the contact form.



What I do

  • Specialisations: Digital content writing and general business communication (corporate, industrial, technical, B2B); educational and training materials.
  • Clients: International organisations and companies, trade associations, NGOs, small businesses. From global brands to local entrepreneurs.
  • Primary skills: Communication strategy, business writing and editing.
  • Secondary skills: Branding and marketing; DTP and publishing;  website management.
  • Books: My book, Writing for Mobile, How to write gripping content for easy mobile reading, is available from Amazon. 
  • Location: Belgium.
  • Languages: English mother tongue. Fluent in French. Good understanding of Dutch.

How I work

I’m a seasoned communications expert. You can count on me for truly high-quality work, reliability and punctuality

By default, I take a strategic approach, considering your business objectives and audience needs. Whether you need a complete communications strategy, a complex communication package or just a page of text.


  • Content for websites, blogs, intranets, apps
  • General business communication: news releases, newsletters, corporate PR and internal communication, meeting minutes, annual reports, etc.
  • Informative documentation: white / policy / position papers, rules and regulations, privacy policy statements, conference proceedings, etc.
  • Technical publications: brochures, reports, manuals and books
  • Audio: film scripts, speeches and presentations
  • Articles for trade journals and trade websites
  • Training materials, job advertisements, role descriptions, CVs

What I do

My specialty is writing and editing. But I’m an all-round business communications expert — I don’t just focus on language.

I provide services at each stage of creating written communication, from strategy and planning to writing, editing and proofreading.

Additional services: design, layout and desktop publishing (InDesign).

NOTE: I don’t write advertising copy, Google ad keywords or social media ads/teasers.

How I write

I deliver expertly-written communication for your web, print or audiovisual channels. You’ll get texts that:

  • use the right terminology and tone of voice for your audience
  • create a positive brand impression, build trust and drive action
  • are well written, in plain English that anyone can understand, without jargon or corporate-speak
  • clearly convey your information and key messages.

A track record of happy customers

I’m proud to say that texts I write and edit are nearly always approved for publication right from the first draft, avoiding time-consuming reviews, corrections and updates.

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