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usability and seo

Usability and SEO copywriting

We ensure that content is easy to find, navigate, read and understand.
We use SEO copywriting to optimize online text to improve your search engine ranking.

BelEdit Consulting is skilled and experienced in UX (User Experience), writing for the web/mobile and SEO copywriting.

We also offer a workshop to train your team in writing for the web/mobile.

Making information findable and readable

As digital communication experts, we pay special attention to the user experience:

  • we map content to create navigation structures so that content is easy to find and navigate
  • we secure the right flow of information to help steer users to prioritized content
  • we adapt text to reading on-screen, using proven techniques for writing for the web and for mobile.

Doing this requires a deep understanding of digital media, user experience and information architecture.

It also requires skill in the standard editing techniques that have been used in written communication for hundreds of years. Just adapted to the way we communicate now.

Search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting

SEO is about optimizing websites so that search engines will find and prioritize their content. One part of SEO is SEO copywriting. The aim is to use key words and phrases to bump your website up to or near the top of the first page of search results when people search for specific terms.

SEO copywriting can help bring people and businesses together when they need each other. If you have identified the key terms for your business, we can build them into your web copy in a natural way that doesn’t sound forced or repetitive. Readers will be unaware that keywords are being used, but search engines will pick them up.