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I can help you write your non-fiction book. From content consultancy to editing to writing to line editing to proofreading… I can do it all (as a ghost writer) or support you at any stage. Contact me to talk about your project.

If you are planning to write a book, did you know that you can save a lot of money on editing if you do some of the work yourself? Editing is not just about correcting language. The first thing an editor looks at is the overall structure: how the book is broken down into chapters and sections, what headlines are used, and how well the text is broken up into manageable parts. My book, Writing for Mobile (below), includes a method that will help you do all that yourself. The techniques of writing well for mobile work wonderfully in book writing. Check it out!

Writing for Mobile

How to write gripping content for easy mobile reading

We’re all reading more often on small mobile devices, rather than on a printed page. We know that this changes the way we read. Yet most writers still write ‘for print,’ using writing techniques, styles and rules created for another age and other media.

For writers, UX specialists and communications professionals/students

Whether you’re writing a book, business report, school essay, article or any other long text, whether it’s 3 pages or 300, you need to think about how easy it will be to read on a mobile device. WRITING FOR MOBILE gives you practical, solid advice and new tools to help you write content that’s easy to read on the small screens of smartphones and ereaders.

It describes, step by step, a new method to structure, write and format any non-fiction text. This method will help you write texts that are easier to read and that will hold readers’ attention for longer.

It’s a short, how-to guide designed for quick and easy reading – even on your phone – but packed with practical information and tips.

WRITING FOR MOBILE covers how to:

  • write text that’s easy to read fast
  • structure content to catch and hold the reader’s attention
  • build the text structure using a new writing model: the inverted ladder
  • identify, prioritize and use key messages and keywords.

In addition, it debunks some traditional style, language and grammar writing rules, providing 10 rules for writing more readable text.

Moreover, the WRITING FOR MOBILE method also works for text written for print or large screens.

This book is for you if:

  • you’re a writer, ux specialist or communications professional/student
  • you want to get a better understanding of written communication in digital media, and how to write for the web and mobile devices
  • you’re a professional writer experienced in writing for traditional media but you’d like to sharpen your skills in writing digital content, especially mobile
  • you want to improve the impact of your reports, emails and other professional communication
  • you write anything, for business or leisure, that’s likely to be read on a screen, and you’d like to do it better
  • you’re an experienced online journalist or blogger looking for new ideas to improve your style to generate higher reader engagement.

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