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business writing and editing

Business writing and editing

Business writing by a native-English speaker in British or American English. We write clear and accurate long texts or short copy, adapted to your organization’s tone of voice and style guides.
We edit, improve the style and flow, proofread and correct. We present information and express ideas clearly, convincingly and correctly.


BelEdit Consulting provides writing, copywriting and editing services for all types of business communication.

We focus on IMPACT, not just text

Lots of people can write well. Lots of people can edit texts to make sure they are accurate, with correct spelling and grammer. BelEdit Consulting promises you this and a lot more. We promise effective written communication.

What makes written communication effective?

To be effective, written communication needs to:

  • meet the needs of the defined audiences
  • be aligned with your business objectives
  • be well structured, well written, accurate and consistent
  • have clear takeaway messages and/or calls to action
  • use the right terminology and tone of voice
  • be efficient to produce and distribute
  • be adapted to the channels or media where it is published.

The right texts for the right channels/media

We write differently depending on the channels or media the text is intended for. With a background in writing for traditional media, we’ve also been writing texts for digital channels for over 20 years.

In fact, we wrote the book about it! See: Writing for Mobile by Fiona Brichaut.

How we work

BelEdit Consulting is skilled at working with topic specialists in order to turn their knowledge and insights into effective, readable texts. Usually, the defined audiences are not specialists and often they do not have English as their native language. We make the complex, simple.

We’re flexible. Depending on your setup, we can:

  • start from a blank page, interviewing specialists to find out what needs to be communicated
  • start with texts written by specialists, re-writing, editing and correcting as needed
  • support, mentor and train your copywriters
  • work on text and design together, with your creative team
  • create texts, then deliver to your creative team for production
  • work with our own network of freelance copywriters and graphic designers.

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