Business writing and editing

Enhance your brand and build your business thanks to well-written communication!

Clear, persuasive business text

Business writing and editing is my specialty. Whether you need writing, editing or proofreading, long texts or short copy, for internal or external use, for traditional or digital media — leave it to me!

I’ll present your information and express your ideas clearly, persuasively and correctly. In British or American English, adapted to your organization’s tone of voice and style guides. Whatever your business.

Focus on IMPACT, not just text

Lots of people can write well. Lots of people can edit texts to make sure they are accurate, with correct spelling and grammar. I do all that and more. I guarantee effective written communication that:

The right texts for the right channels/media

I write differently depending on the channels or media the text is intended for. With a background in writing for traditional media, I’ve also been writing for digital channels for over 20 years. I’m expert at writing for the web, SEO copywriting and writing text optimized for reading on mobile devices.


In fact, I wrote a book about it! See: Writing for Mobile by Fiona Brichaut.

How I work

I usually work directly with topic specialists to turn their knowledge and insights into effective, readable texts. My goal is always to make the complex, simple. Especially if the target audiences are not specialists or if English is not their first language.

Depending on your setup, I can:

Why should you choose to work with me? Find out why: About me

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