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Communications strategy:
Shinzui Bodywork International Institute

In 2018, BelEdit Consulting was approached by Shinzuikai. They were then a small business offering professional training and bodywork sessions in Shiatsu. They also provided training and sessions in their own proprietary bodywork technique, which is based on Shiatsu and other bodywork traditions, combined with modern medical knowledge.

But although the business owner and practitioners were extremely skilled, experienced and held in great respect in their field, their communication was lackluster and failing to generate new customer leads. Active internationally, Shinzuikai had several separate websites in different languages, and their brand and offer were unclear. Moreover, there was no communication about their proprietary bodywork technique, even though it was one of the main reasons for their international repute.

We helped Shinzuikai build their communications strategy and transform their business.

  • We supported the owners to clearly identify their business scope, target audiences, goals and long-term ambitions.
  • Together we decided how their offer could be differentiated into distinct categories. These were defined separately and brought together under a new umbrella brand identity, the Shinzui Bodywork International Institute.
  • From this groundwork, we created a complete communications strategy. It would be the foundation for all future communication, from website to newsletters, to social media, to banners and print material used in their retreats and workshops.
  • The new brand identity included a new logo and a defined style guide (colors, fonts, etc.).
  • The core of the communication is the organization’s single multilanguage website: shinzui-bodywork.com.

The Shinzui Bodywork International Institute has gone from strength to strength on this solid foundation. The business owner has thanked BelEdit Consulting, saying that not only did we help them create and implement a communications strategy — more importantly, we gave them them insights into how to communicate their business effectively day to day, with new-found confidence in their brand and their offer.

Intrigued? Contact us to discuss how we can help you grow your business through better communication.

Portfolio: Shinzui Bodywork homepage


Portfolio: Shinzui Bodywork content page

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« Après plus d’un an de collaboration avec Fiona, je recommande avec insistance ses services.

« Sa procédure de travail vous montre dès le premier entretien son efficacité et son expérience quant à la future communication print/digital de votre enterprise. Disponible et rapide d’exécution, Fiona sera toujours à votre écoute pour répondre au mieux à vos besoins. Une collaboratrice indispensable pour des services performants et rentables.

« Toujours juste et claire dans son approche, elle ne commencera pas un projet sans un briefing complet et précis pour justement répondre aux mieux à vos attentes ! »

Baptiste Mathy, H&O Equipments S.A.

“Fiona is a talented writer, editor and copywriter with an ability to adjust her writing style based on format, channel and target audience. She has the excellent ability to break down complex content structures into user-centric, easily consumed information. In addition, she has strong skills in information architecture and establishing logical hierarchical levels of information.

“Fiona has been involved in managing external writers and has designed writing/editing guidelines and training programs to support others within her field.

“She is a conscientious professional with a commitment to delivering an excellent result.”

Christa Carbyn, Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

“Fiona was responsible for leading teams of external writers who she trained and coached to handle complex content for a global audience. Her knowledge of online communication and how to improve its impact is extensive on both a higher strategic level and in the detail. She has the ability to move smoothly from one to the other. She continually brings new insights and solutions to projects, resulting in a far better final product. I would recommend her skills to anyone who is serious about improving what, why and how they communicate.”

Peter Simpson, Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

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Bonjour Fiona, Merci pour votre travail, rapide et efficace comme toujours ! Il a été fort apprécié par le client et par nous également.

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